Constitution & By-Laws Amendments Deadline


As in accordance with the National Constitution & By-Laws, Article 30 please submit any and all Constitution & By-Laws Amendments to be considered at the 64th Biennial National Conference in August 2019 on or before April 14, 2019.  Amendments may be mailed to my attention at the Grand Lodge address, 701 Marriott Drive, Nashville, TN 37214.

Only a subordinate lodge, state lodge, or a majority of the National Board of Trustees may propose an amendment to the Constitution & By-Laws. A proposed amendment to the Constitution & By-Laws shall be submitted in writing to the National Secretary not less than one hundred twenty (120) days prior to the Biennial Conference at which it is to be considered.  Such proposed amendment shall be attested to by the secretary and shall bear the official seal of the lodge submitting same or of the National Secretary if proposed by the National Board of Trustees and shall state the date of the meeting at which it was agreed that the proposal would be submitted for consideration by the Biennial Conference. 

A proposed amendment shall contain the precise language of the proposed amendment, shall specifically set forth the language to be added, deleted and/or revised, and shall identify each and every Article and Section of the Constitution & By-Laws affected thereby.  Proposed amendments shall not be set forth in resolution form but shall be accompanied by a statement, not to exceed one page in length, setting forth the basis for the proposed amendment.

Thank you for your cooperation.