3-year-old Kolton Hessman needs heart transplant


Fellow FOP members,

Some of you know me well, some do not. I have been a member of several FOP. Lodges for the past 30 years. I have been a Boston Police Officer for the past 32 years. I have never asked for help ever before, but I am asking for help now for the son of a former Deputy Sheriff. His 3-year-old son is listed 1A critical on the heart transplant list at Monroe Carrell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, where our National Headquarters is located.

Those of you, like me, who do this crazy, sometimes dangerous and thankless job, KNOW we make a difference. This little 3-year-old, Kolton Hessman, my friend, needs that difference we make, now. Please get this message out nationally to all PDs, Fire Departments, EMS Services, and Hospitals as well.

Sometimes devastated families are never asked about the possibility of organ donation. It is an awful thought, but it saves lives. PLEASE get this message out nationally now. If you believe in God--any God--please say a prayer. If you do not believe in God, please have a kind thought for my little friend, Kolton. For my 32 years as a Boston Police Officer I have, in my small way, tried to make a positive change in people's lives, and help them, with nothing expected in return, as we all do. Now I am asking all of you personally for help--please help Kolton!! It is what our job is all about. Get this message out everywhere, every day--time is critical. This little guy is a fighter, and has hit several obstacles and bounced back--he is a fighter and wants to live. He is the best and most heroic person I know, and now he needs us, the police. He is the kind of child I would be honored to call my son. He deserves a chance at living, and is the loving, caring, and funny kind of person we need in this crazy world.

Any help is respected and appreciated. Thank You!!

P.O. Kevin M. Welsh
Boston Police Academy Staff
(617) 842-7089
Bay State Lodge #30, Massachusetts