Fraternal Order of Police University

Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice Management designed for the National Fraternal Order of Police University

Introduction: Union Institute & University's bachelor's degree program is designed to offer criminal justice professionals the opportunity to pursue their educational goals while continuing their work in the field. Prospective students will already have achieved a wealth of professional experience in law enforcement, corrections, or the courts. In addition, it is expected that students will have earned a significant portion of the degree requirements through enrollment in other colleges/universities. That credit, upon entry, can be transferred into their Union bachelor's degree program.

The objectives of the criminal justice degree programs at Union Institute & University are based upon the assumption that social policy, decision-making, and reform in modern law enforcement requires a broad academic experience, innovative thinking, including theoretical foundations of the discipline, and appropriate research methods, and principles applicable to the administration of justice field.

Accelerated pathways toward degree completion:

Union is recognized as one of the few "Adult Focused Institutions" in the country dedicated to serving the needs of adult students. As one of the few universities in the country identified as an "adult focused university," we have designed a variety of strategies to assist each student in accelerating their progress toward the completion of their baccalaureate degree credential. Several common strategies include:

Credit awards for basic police academy completion

Over the years, Union faculty have evaluated several of the nation's largest law enforcement academies for credit awards, resulting in up to 32 semester credit hours. California POST, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement training, Ohio OPOTA, Kentucky Justice Cabinet approved training and Washington State law enforcement police academy training are just a few of the 40+ states with basic training evaluated for credit awards.

Evaluation of Prior Learning Experiences

For students who have documented previous college level learning that has not yet been assessed for college credit, Union#39;s own prior learning assessment strategies can be accessed to enable potential credit awards for advanced level training or documentation of college level learning even outside the field of law enforcement (i.e., science, mathematics, humanities, etc.). Up to 30 semester credit hours can be earned through Prior Learning Assessments and/or Certified Learning Assessments. CLEP and DSST examinations are also accepted for credit awards upon documentation of passing scores. A maximum of 60 credits may be transferred from non-regionally accredited sources.

FOP Member Scholarships

Union recognizes the contributions of current FOP members by offering a 10% tuition scholarship for undergraduate studies (5% for graduate studies) upon enrollment as well as other tuition savings opportunities directed toward students who maintain continuous enrollment through graduation. Contact your enrollment counselor for additional information.

8-week terms run continuously throughout the year

Union offers enrollment terms throughout the calendar year in both 16-week semester formats and 8-week sessions, enabling each student to maintain progress toward their degree without interruption. All criminal justice courses are offered in 8-week session formats, enabling a learner to complete up to two courses every 8 weeks.

Maximum amount of transfer credit

The baccalaureate degree program requires a minimum completion of 120 semester credit hours. Up to 90 semester credit hours may be earned through any combination of transfer credit from other colleges/universities, prior learning assessment or testing, though a maximum of 60 credits may be transferred from non-regionally accredited sources.


The faculty, comprised of experienced criminal justice professionals from across the country, are dedicated, knowledgeable, and caring professional men and women who strive to provide every learner with a positive and successful learning experience.

Instructional Methodology:

All courses required for degree completion are offered either through site-based locations (California, Florida, or Ohio) or entirely online.

Contact Information:

Prospective students, regardless of geographic location, are encouraged to submit a request for further information to:

Union Institute & University
440 E. McMillan Street
Cincinnati, OH 45206
(800) 861-6400

Union Institute & University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.
(800) 621-7440