Past National Presidents

Term of Office Name Law Enforcement Agency
1917-1919 Delbert H. Nagle Pittsburgh, PA
1919-1925 William J. Milton Pittsburgh, PA
1925-1926 Michael L. Barrett Wilkes-Barre, PA
1926-1929 Albert C. Miller Allentown, PA
1929-1932 Edward J. Allen Erie, PA
1932-1935 John B. Fogarty Pittsburgh, PA
1935-1936 Joseph H. Pence Canton, OH
1936-1938 Henry B. Squires Fairmont, WV
1938-1939 Ben K. Perry Gary, IN
1939-1940 Henry B. Squires Fairmont, WV
1940-1946 Ben K. Perry Gary, IN
1946-1965 Jack Dudek Cleveland, OH
1965-1975 John Harrington Philadelphia, PA
1975-1979 R. Pat Stark Indianapolis, IN
1979-1981 J.M. Dineen * Chicago, IL
1981-1983 Leo V. Marchetti Pittsburgh, PA
1983-1987 Richard A. Boyd * Oklahoma City, OK
1987-1995 Dewey R. Stokes * Columbus, OH
1995-2001 Gilbert G. Gallegos * Albuquerque, NM
2001-2003 Steve Young Marion, OH
2003-2019 Chuck Canterbury * Myrtle Beach, SC

* Currently serving on NFOP Board of Directors