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NFOP Collective Bargaining Seminar November 11 - 14, 2014 in San Diego, CA The California State FOP is hosting the NFOP Collective Bargaining Seminar November 11–14, 2014 in San Diego, CA.
Civil Service staff urges 20 percent jump in cop pay NEW ORLEANS, LA – After seven years without an across-the-board raise, New Orleans police officers should be accorded a 20 percent pay hike phased in over three years, according to a staff recommendation to the Civil Service Department.
Columbia to recognize same-sex spouse in city retirement plans COLUMBIA, MO – City employees who are legally married to a person of the same sex will now be entitled to the same retirement benefits given to opposite-sex spouses.
NFOP webinar on Body-Worn Cameras: Privacy, Professionalism, and Protection
10/9/2014 @ 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time
Springfield police union, city can't reach agreement in first-ever contract negotiations SPRINGFIELD, MO – The first contract negotiations ever between the city of Springfield and a union representing its police force continue to founder, prompting some police officers to picket outside a city council meeting.
Police union, city resume collective bargaining negotiations SAN ANTONIO, TX – Union's plan calls for monthly premiums.
Pensions stick with hedge funds despite CalPERS exodus CALIFORNIA – A high-profile hedge fund exodus from a huge pension manager does not appear likely to spark a major movement.
Palo Alto to reconsider closed sessions for labor talks PALO ALTO, CA – City Council defers scheduled discussion on management compensation, agrees to hold 'broad policy' discussion on negotiations.
Police union, Somerville at odds on Narcan SOMERVILLE, MA – A drug used to combat the recent spike in heroin overdoses in New England has become the center of a labor dispute between Somerville officials and a police union asking for a new contract.
Independent group highlights pros, cons of Phoenix pension act PHOENIX, AZ – An independent group of Phoenix residents tasked with evaluating Proposition 487 — a ballot initiative seeking to end the city's employee-pension system for new hires — has outlined what it sees as its most pressing potential consequences, both positive and negative.