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FOP files lawsuit to block Landrieu administration's overhaul of hiring, promotions LOUISIANA—The Fraternal Order of Police wasn't issuing an idle threat when it said it would go to the courts if Mayor Mitch Landrieu succeeded in pushing through an overhaul of city hiring rules that give managers more authority over hiring, promotions and pay.
Chafee signs law giving retired Central Falls police, firefighters pension supplement CENTRAL FALLS, RI—Tuesday was a good day for the retired police officers and firefighters of the state's poorest city.
Walla Walla police union right to fight for raises WASHINGTON—Walla Walla police officers should not have had to go to binding arbitration to get a reasonable pay raise.
Lorain police officer faced excessive punishment, arbitrator says LORAIN, OH – A 30-day suspension was an excessive punishment for a Lorain police officer caught not wearing his body armor while on duty, according to a July 31 labor ruling.
Anyone who benefits from union should help pay for it The recent Supreme Court decision in Harris vs. Quinn has put a spotlight on an important aspect of American labor law.
Providence police union criticizes Mayor Taveras, Councilman Narducci for drop in staffing / Video PROVIDENCE, RI – The union that represents Providence police officers criticized Mayor Angel Taveras Thursday, saying that his administration has allowed the number of officers to wither to a level last seen some four decades ago.
Ohio city police, fire chiefs now subject to drug tests COLUMBUS, OH – Columbus police and fire chiefs now are subject to random drug tests, a move safety officials hope will increase accountability and trust within the divisions.
NOPD revises tattoo policy NEW ORLEANS, LA – The New Orleans Police Department has revised its tattoo policy, according to the Fraternal Order of Police.
Stonington selectmen OK contract with pay raises for police officers STONINGTON, CT – The Board of Selectmen on Monday approved a new three-year contract with the town's police union that grants officers pay raises of 2.4 percent each year. The contact is retroactive to July 1, 2013.
Give police all the tools they need: Opposing view The foremost responsibility of government is to protect its citizens. We rely on law enforcement officers to keep our schools, streets and neighborhoods safe.