Education Services
The Education Services Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of professional law enforcement training programs and events. Our goal is to maintain the highest standard in providing quality education and excellence in training. We are committed to equipping law enforcement professionals with the necessary skills needed to enhance their career development and quality of life. In keeping with our continued commitment to effective labor services, the Committee also seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of the complex legislation impacting law enforcement officers—knowledge crucial to establishing protections from unfair labor practices.

To achieve our objective, the Education Services Committee is seeking to prepare a training calendar at least two years in advance of each National Conference. Simultaneously, we have already established a training schedule covering a wide spectrum of leadership, labor, and legal issues. We are also prepared to develop on-site custom training events nationwide on these and other topics as needed. The need for custom training events is evaluated on a case-by-case basis upon request by either a local or state lodge.

FOP Webinar Series
The FOP has developed a series of webinars to give its members the opportunity to become more educated and informed about ongoing issues facing today's police officers. More webinars are on the way. Each class will be available to the first 1000 members that register.

Registration will be available on this page after the closing of the preceding months webinar.

Videos for past webinars are available Here

Past Webinars Presenter
NFOP Webinar on Critical Incidents
November 3, 2011
Michael E. Coviello
Public Safety under attack - the Ohio Experience
January 3, 2012
Jay McDonald
The Five Steps of Organizing
February 7, 2012
Bill Worters
Developing Future Leaders / How to get younger officers more involved
March 6, 2012
Chuck Canterbury
Grievances and Arbitration
August 29, 2013
Mike Coviello
Brady v. Maryland: Employment Implications for Police Officers
December 2, 2013
John F. Kautzman, Esq. and Leo T. Blackwell, Esq.
Webinar Garcetti v. Ceballos: Where are we now? An Updated Overview of Police Officers' Right to Free Speech
June 6, 2014
Michael E. Coviello
NFOP webinar on Body-Worn Cameras: Privacy, Professionalism, and Protection
October 9, 2014
Michael E. Coviello
Substance Abuse Testing of Law Enforcement Webinar
March 19, 2015
Michael E. Coviello
Use of Force Webinar
June 18, 2015
Michael E. Coviello

Fraternal Order of Police University
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