International Council of Police Representative Associations
This international network of police unions was started by the Canadian Police Association (CPA)
in 1996 and now has approximately 1.5 million members affiliated through national police
associations and federations. ICPRA membership includes police unions from four continents,
speaking over 30 languages, connected through ICPRA.

ICPRA held a conference May 26 - 28, 2010. In attendance, representing the National Fraternal Order of Police,
at this year's conference was President Chuck Canterbury. The FOP remains strongly recognized within this
international police organization. President Canterbury was re-elected to the ICPRA board at this conference.

Reports and Presentations from the
May 26-28, 2010
Host: Politiforbundert, Denmark

Agenda/Program of Events

Session 1 Developments in International Policing from the UNDP Perspective Session 2 New Structures and Reforms Inside the Police All Over the World Session 3 The Worldwide Global Recession Session 4 Organized Crime from a Danish Point of View
  • No Material Provided
Session 5 Police Wages Compared to Other Groups, i.e. Nurses Session 6 Violence and Threats Against Police Officers Session 7 Business Session Session 8 Official Opening - Approval of Minutes of 2008 Meeting Session 9 Final Programme Session 10 ICPRA Conference Partner's Activity Day