Labor Services
This service provides you with actual contracts from various agencies, including active and expired contracts. You can look at the entire contract or search the contract for specific language by selecting from over 100 categories. Examples of the categories include Assignments, Dues Deductions, Longevity and Wages.

This service can be used for determining language that others have used for handling a particular subject, for adding or modifying the language in existing contracts, for lodges without contracts who would like to create a contract and for lodges that do not bargain but have the opportunity to influence public officials.

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Member Subscription Service
You have selected a service that is provided to FOP members by subscription. This material can be accessed by an FOP Lodge or FOP Labor Entities through: If you have questions or desire assistance, please contact:

NFOP Labor Services Division
222 E. Town St.
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 224-1856