Labor Services
Compensation/Language Comparisons
Compare the characteristics of your community to determine which other communities are most like yours. This system allows you to determine what characteristics are most important and then automatically identify the communities that match your criteria.

Those comparable jurisdictions are then used to compare your compensation and working conditions to all of the selected communities. The reports that can be generated can compare contract provisions such as wages, years of service, vacation time, longevity pay, disciplinary procedures, retirement pickup, and many other areas.

Reports you design will help you present the information in the manner most usable to your lodge. These reports will help you prepare for contract negotiations, presentations to your public officials, arbitrations, as well as for internal lodge usage.

Compare contract language by searching actual contracts from various agencies, including active and expired contracts. Search the contract for specific language by selecting from over 100 categories. Examples of the categories include Assignments, Dues Deductions, Longevity and Wages.

Member Subscription Service
You have selected a service that is provided to FOP members by subscription. This material can be accessed by an FOP Lodge or FOP Labor Entities through: If you have questions or desire assistance, please contact:

NFOP Labor Services Division
222 E. Town St.
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 224-1856