The Danny Faulkner Story

A Message from Then National Secretary Jerry Atnip

At the 54th Biennial Conference held in August 1999 in Mobile, Alabama, the Grand Lodge was unanimous in its resolve to inform our members and the rest of the nation about the Danny Faulkner story. The members attending the conference were equally adamant that we also inform them of those persons and corporations that are attempting to keep his killer from receiving the justice he deserves. As your National Secretary, I am proud to take a leading role in this effort. Danny's story is an important one to tell and we will do everything in our power to see that he is remembered.

Brother Faulkner was murdered on December 9, 1981. His killer was convicted in 1982. This has been and will continue to be a dramatic and prolonged struggle. The Fraternal Order of Police has been involved at every turn demanding justice for Brother Faulkner. We have taken up the issue once again with renewed energy and determination. Allow us to do so in a way that will be the most effective and in keeping with the spirit of our departed brother.