Easter Seals
Fraternal Order of Police and Easter Seals Celebrate 35 Years of Helping Children and Adults with Disabilities Across America!
An important appeal from our Easter Seals Chairman

Helping children and adults with disabilities live better lives is at the heart of Easter Seals' mission, and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), an Easter Seals National Corporate Partner, has helped raise funds for 35 years to support the more than one million people with disabilities and their families served by Easter Seals annually. As a result of this long-standing relationship, the FOP's support for Easter Seals exceeds $16.9 million in dollars raised and services provided, which has made a difference in the lives of the children and adults with disabilities served by Easter Seals in communities throughout the country.

According to the U.S. Census, one in five Americans lives with a disability. As the leading non-profit provider of services for individuals with autism, developmental disabilities, physical and mental disabilities, and other special needs, Easter Seals' network of more than 700 service centers across the country provides health and human services to more than one million people each year. Easter Seals' services address the needs of children and adults who are disabled at birth, through injury or illness and by the aging process.

Easter Seals' primary services include: FOP Members who have gotten involved with Easter Seals in their communities are constantly amazed at the impact Easter Seals makes on families across America. "Easter Seals is a resource on which families rely for services and information," says FOP Easter Seals Committee Chairman Rocky Nowaczyck. "FOP's support of Easter Seals truly changes the lives of children and adults with disabilities. A number of FOP families have benefited from Easter Seals services over the years, and it is a great source of pride for the FOP to know that our support of Easter Seals is making such a difference for members of our own FOP family as well as other families nationwide."

An example of an FOP family served by Easter Seals is FOP member M.L. Bickford and husband Gary. After surviving a major bisilar artery aneurysm of the brain, doctors told Gary Bickford he would never climb a ladder again. The prospect of never completely regaining his vision, hearing or memory—and giving up his successful career as owner of a Delaware-based construction company—seemed unavoidable. But three years after his aneurysm occurred, Gary not only beat the 1 in 1000 odds of survival, he also made a complete recovery and got back in business, thanks to his rehabilitation at Easter Seals.

After undergoing brain surgery, doctors were skeptical about the level of recovery Gary would attain. Months of rehabilitation were ahead of him but without medical insurance, no rehab center would admit him...except Easter Seals. For months, Gary visited Easter Seals' center for occupational and physical therapy in Georgetown (DE) two days a week and then spent three days a week at Easter Seals' Center for Independent Living in Millsboro (DE) to re-learn everyday skills.

Today, Gary and his wife, M.L, an FOP member, are the proud parents of a daughter, Katie. Gary served as Easter Seals' 1998 Adult Representative. "I cannot thank Easter Seals enough for all they've done for me and my family," Gary says. "Thanks to Easter Seals, I've made it all the way back!"
Helping Easter Seals in Your Community
The National FOP has an Easter Seals Committee, which coordinates Easter Seals fund-raising efforts undertaken by the FOP across the country. The committee, currently headed up by National Chairman Rocky Nowaczyck, works closely with the FOP's National President, State Lodge Presidents and Easter Seals national headquarters.

FOP lodges work with Easter Seals in a variety of ways. A fundraising guide, which highlights a variety of fund-raising ideas to help FOP members get involved with Easter Seals, has been designed and is available through any FOP/Easter Seals Committee Member. Some of the best fund-raisers include bowl-a-thons, softball marathons, raffles and individual donations secured through payroll deductions in a number of markets throughout the country including Chicago. FOP members can also donate their time by providing security for Easter Seals events throughout the year; in-kind service represents the opportunity to save Easter Seals as much as $100 per hour for security needed at an event or as required.

Working with Easter Seals affiliates in your market provides you with the chance to help the FOP continue its 32-year relationship with Easter Seals. All money raised by the FOP stays in your local community. For further information on working with Easter Seals, please contact Rocky Nowaczyk, National FOP Easter Seal Chairman, at robertnowaczyk@sbcglobal.net or Janet D. Jamieson, Director, Communications and Corporate Relations, Easter Seals, jjamieson@easterseals.com.
What's New!
To learn more about Easter Seals, visit its web site at www.easterseals.com and enter your zip code to search for a location near you.

The reporting deadline for FOP Lodges that raised money for Easter Seals is December 31st of each year. Letters from FOP/Easter Seals Committee Members will be sent to all lodges in November to assure that these reports are received by the end of the year.

A number of new initiatives are underway to help the FOP raise money and awareness for Easter Seals!

Easter Seals Camp Hope

CAMP HOPE is a fundraising campaign designed to provide camping opportunities for military families. CAMP HOPE offers military veterans a system of care with options to support their reintegration efforts; support to families managing heavy emotional and psychological burdens; a nurturing environment to learn coping skills; and a place for military children to have fun and share their experiences and fears with other kids.

The Fraternal Order of Police and Auxiliary can make a positive difference by providing funding to support meaningful camping experiences for military families through CAMP HOPE. The cost per camper for a week-long program is $600.

Here are two specific ways that you can help:

Each One, Reach One Campaign for CAMP HOPE – Each Fraternal Order of Police and Auxiliary Lodge commits to sponsor at least one camper. This would require that the members of each lodge would collectively contribute or raise $600 to provide a week at camp for a deserving camper.

Individual support – The Fraternal Order of Police and Auxiliary members commit to sponsor a camper by contributing $50, $100 or more.

Walk With Me

Now in its twelfth year, Easter Seals Walk With Me is a national family friendly fundraising event designed to raise awareness and support for families living with disabilities in your town. The event consists of a non-competitive walk and/or competitive run that invites people of all ages and abilities—individually and as members of corporate and community-formed teams—to participate.

Event participants raise money by paying a registration fee and/or by asking friends, family members, and co-workers to sponsor them. Prizes are awarded to registrants based on the amount of money they collect.

When participants register for the event, they won't just receive a typical race number or t-shirt. They will be partnered with an Easter Seals Honorary Ambassador...one of Easter Seals' local clients.

They will have the chance to get to know their Ambassador through photos and personal stories. And on event day, they can even meet their Ambassador. The Walk With Me Ambassador program helps put a face on the mission of Easter Seals.

Visit www.walkwithme.org and find a walk in your area, register and make a difference in lives of local children and adults with disabilities.

Ways for the FOP to Support Walk With Me
Visit www.walkwithme.org for dates and locations.

Cartridges for Kids

Support Easter Seals by collecting cell phones, laptops, iPods, iPads/tablets/readers, GPS devices, video games and consoles, digital cameras, DVDs, calculators and empty laser and inkjet cartridges that can be recycled. Don't throw those empty printer cartridges away! The FOP will get credit for the funds raised through this program and each local Easter Seals will benefit! Cartridges for Kids recycles over 280 different types of cartridges and cell phones and pays for all shipping and handling charges when the cartridges are returned for recycling. To download a flyer and all of the information on the program visit www.recycleaccess.com/easterseals.

FOP members can help people with disabilities in every community. Donate to Easter Seals on-line at www.easterseals.com and make sure you indicate your FOP affiliation when donating!

For more information on working with Easter Seals, contact Janet D. Jamieson, Director, Communications and Corporate Relations, Easter Seals, jjamieson@easterseals.com.