Frank Gale
National Second Vice President

Frank Gale is a Captain and veteran of the Denver County Sheriff's Department, beginning his career there in 1989. He is also a Charter member of the Fraternal Order of Police Denver Sheriffs Lodge 27. He has served in many assignments during his career, both in his agency and in the Fraternal Order of Police. He is currently the State President for the Fraternal Order of Police in his home state of Colorado. Frank has also served in the elected offices of National Sergeant-at-Arms, National Trustee, State Vice President, Local Lodge President, and Local Lodge Vice President. In his capacity as an FOP leader, Frank was one of a handful of people responsible for attaining collective bargaining rights for Denver County Deputy Sheriffs in 1994, and he still serves on the Negotiations Team for Denver Deputies and is the Negotiations Spokesman.

While serving as National Trustee, Frank also served on the National Grievance Committee for five years, and was the Colorado Chairman of the Expansion, Labor Services, Fundraising, Building, and Education Services Committees. He considers one of his most significant achievements to be the addition of almost double the membership of the Colorado FOP during his tenure as National Trustee, as well as the addition of two new FOP Bargaining Units.

Since being elected to the National Executive Board in September 2004, Frank has made his main focus the preservation, advancement, expansion, and improvement of the FOP labor-related programs and services offered by the National FOP. He has been instrumental in assisting local and state lodges fight off attacks from competing organizations, or in preserving the FOP as a Bargaining Agent in many departments. He remains active in his local lodge and is still very much involved in representing and advocating for members in Grievances, Internal Affairs Interviews, Critical Incidents, and Labor Management Disputes.

Frank Gale is a recipient of the Colorado FOP Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. Awards and decorations that have been bestowed upon Frank during his law enforcement career include: the Denver Sheriff Department Medal of Valor, two Denver Sheriff Department Lifesaving Medals, Sheriff Medal of Merit, numerous Department Commendations from the Denver Sheriff Department as well as commendations and acknowledgements from various other agencies and community organizations.

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